Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Professional Blog Portfolio

I chose the following posts from my professional blog for each of these categories:

1. Professionalism
I feel that my blog about my Voicethread project is a good example of professionalism. Of all the projects and resources we discussed in our Digital Writing Class, Voicethread is the resource I thought would best fit with my classroom. If only my pictures had uploaded!

It was more challenging trying to incorporate blogging and role play into my 4th grade immersion classroom. I really connected with Voicethread because the student can still work through the writing process but not have to have a completely polished final product because the nature of Voicethread is oral.

2. Creativity
For creativity I chose my blog on Collaborate Writing Assignments because in this posting I described how I wanted to use a blog (or wiki) to create a personal recipe site for our cabin weekends as well as how I might use this process with class - thus bridging personal and professions, how creative!

3. Design
I chose my blog about search methods as my best example for design. When I think of design I think of the layout of something, how well things go together and who aesthetically pleasing it is. For the most part my blogs are reflections of what we did in class with links to resources. In this blog, however, I figured out how to embed a You Tube video! (I realize this might not be that exciting to others - old news - but for me this was big!).

Colleagues' blogs:

1. --- Voice
I like Debi's Oh What Fun blog post. I literally can hear her voice when reading this blog! I think it's the style of writing - longer sentences then a few shorter ones. I also like that the voicethread she created is about something personal, her cat :)

2. --- Multimedia Multimodal component
Wow! Michelle went to town on her "Blogscar" posting!! This is so creative - with the Seinfeld clip, the audience clip, her avatar, the movie star pictures and links, oh my! It is definitely worth checking out.

3. --- Thoughtfulness
I enjoyed Janice's blog on the Ning Role Play. She brought up a good point about being "equitable" in providing resources to students who do not have computer access. She also discussed the idea of using technology in a way that is purposeful and best serves our students - something I often think about.

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  1. Hi Molly :) Just popping in to say hello. I don't always have coherent thoughts (that seems to be the case more often than not lately!) for commenting, but I'm definitely reading.