Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My role as an African-American Man

Wow - who knew how many changes you go through when being pregnant! I am (personally) not only growing (in several directions) and finding new hormones but on our Ning role play site I am an African-American man!!

If you would like to see other stock photos click here.

I decided to go in the opposite direction of what and who I am hence the male and the African-American parts to my new persona. This gives me a freedom to write in a way that I would not ordinarily write. However this does create challenges from time to time as when I read posts I tend to want to respond with my teacher thoughts and experience!

I found the role play interesting but honestly a bit tedious. I much more enjoy (and get more out of) talking face-to-face. The one thing I liked abotu the role play was that it gave us a number of days to do our research, we didn't have to find articles and be ready for one set night of class. If someone's article/thoughts inspired me I could go off in a new direction to explore.

Having said that I did find it time consuming to alwyas be checking in online. I would read through the forum to see if there were new posts then I would have to check my page to see what comments were made and respond back to them. I felt my brain was being pulled in too many directions.

An interesting concept but I honestly don't see myself using it any time soon! (No offense!)


  1. I too chose a character that was very different from myself, and I thought it was tough to be that other person. But good for me (like vegetables). It seems like the ning is a place where you spend time looking around, peeking at other pages, lurking, and then as you absorb the feel of the community it seems more natural to join in. All of which is certainly time consuming. I didn't post a lot, but it did seem like I was there a lot :)

  2. Good for you getting out of your comfort zone, and for Williams' sense of humor and self-importance which were a hoot! I, too, wasn't quite sure how to navigate efficiently through the NING--have I read that comment before? Where do I respond--especially when several threads dealt with similar topics? I assumed part of it was unfamiliarity with the tool, but also regular discussions among a dozen people get messy, too. I'm not sure how useful it could be in an elementary setting.